New: FAA Makes Major Drone ID Marking Change

Sunday 2/24/2019 13:17 ET The FAA has announced that there are new regulations for displaying your drone registration numbers. They must now be displayed on the outside of the unit and can no longer be placed in the battery department. This is due to safety concerns of hidden compartment devices. If you are a drone flyer, please take this notice seriously to prevent confiscation of your equipment.
Also possible drone night flying and over people changes proposed at New Rule Proposals
Source:YouTube: SecureTeam10
SecureTeam reports on strange radar signatures appearing above the US.
TEMIS World UV Index
Tropical Storm Track
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Are CFCs are on the rise again?
Source:YouTube - MrMBB333
CFC emissions were ban to protect our ozone layer. MrMBB33 provides this interesting video regarding UV indexes rising in the northern hemisphere along with increased levels of chlorofluorocarbons, which according to scientists can deplete the ozone layer protecting our planet from dangerous radiation levels.