Radiation inside and outside your home can be a warranted concern.

currently has a radiation monitor set up in Northeast Ohio with more to be added in the future. The data from this unit will be used to compile radiation statistical data and trending in areas around Lake Erie.
We selected the GMC-320 by GQElectronics due to its features and price. It is a solid unit with little to no upkeep.
We have however seen where the internal data can get a bit confused throwing off the actual averages. That is why we had the developers at 247Coding.com create the QuickCPM data compiler for us. This allows us to save specific radiation CPM data to a local device allowing us to pull the data into multiple applications.
You can find additional information or download the QuickCPM software on 247Coding.com If you are having problems getting your own GMC-320 set up, this video may help.

Radiation Chart

Radiation Threat Levels