It amazes me that there is so much concentration on improving air quality of cars while the real offenders of pollution are the industrial contributors who normally get a free pass when it comes to pollution.
I apologize on the quality, but this video shows a backup generator that is run for testing every Wednesday of the week for hours on end... every week.

The exhaust from this generator is directly next to other buildings, so would it not make sense that the same exhaust that is billowing into the air is going directly into the cooling systems of the surrounding buildings? Luckily, it is directly across from a cemetary, so the most immediate people downstream of the exhaust are probably not concerned, but the residence in the nearby town should be.

During the entire put air in your tires, eCheck and cash for clunkers I watched as cars were being destroyed under the guiese of fixing the problem while the real culprits were left without so much as a warning.
Sure that 10 year old car that barely passes whatever made up emissions standards is causing polution, but it is nothing compared to the large trucks, generators and corporate equipment contributing to the majority of air, water and land polution.

I believe that at some point, we need to get our priorities straight and quit allowing corporations to get a free pass just because they contribute to society. What good does it do if they are contributing to a society they are slowing killing or minimally contributing to a declining environment? I would imagine that if something like this were placed next to the CEO's new house they would have something to say about it.. no?