Privacy Policy

Last updated: November 29, 2021
At the present time, does not offer the ability to register so we do not collect any contact information from our visitors. There may be some information which is collected for providing a better user interface experience but we do not use that information for anything but website functionality or determination of possible threat actors.

If in the future we do decide to open registrations then we will post any information regarding data collection on this page. This will include any methods to protect your privacy, opt out of data collection or any other privacy regulations set forth by law.

While our goal is to provide content which we deem helpful information it should not be deemed as fact. We have no intention of misleading anyone and content on this site is simply the intellectual property of the content contributor.
Links to external pages and sites are provided as a public service and under good intention but use at your own risk. We would never knowingly lead our viewers to a site that we would not visit ourselves but these links can change without our knowledge.

We cannot however control gathering beyond our control or knowledge, including but not limited to: collection via our hosting provider, collection via your internet provider or device(s), applications leveraged to provide this
service/website or any compromise of any of the above.

By visiting this site and the pages within you release and any affiliated entities from any damages caused by the use of our services.