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Just like it says..Before it's too late.

   The basic concept of this site is to provide the ability to trend recorded data regarding biological occurances.   In theory, trending this data may help to provide insite where these trends accumulate.

  As an example, say you are getting light headed on occasion. Personally you may think that there is something wrong with you and may possibly ignore the symptom. The person on the next street over and another person on the street beyond that are also feeling the same thing at the same time. Seperately they do not provide much unsight. Trending that biological data and it becomes much more than shear cooincidence that something is not right. Now you can survey the area and see if there is possibly something causing the symptoms.

  • Gas release from industrial equipment two streets to the west?
  • Toxic release from a marsh four streets over to the north?

   Hopefully from this small example you can see that gathering these abnormalities can turn random cases into trending examples with possible resolutions.

   I could easily name numerous possibilities where trending data could be useful. Not that there would ever be lead in the water or dangerous chemicals near by, right? Can you think of any recent news stories where trending may have proven to be beneficial? I certainly can.
  I have always been under the impression that you have a much higher chances of finding the cause of cancer than you do finding the cure.
Eliminate the cause and you no longer require a cure.

Anyway, that is the main premise of this site and hopefully we can help you are a relative some day.

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